Our work is grounded in our beliefs, backed by research about how kids grow and learn best.

We Believe ...

  • Students are the best teachers.  By asking them what they think, truly listening to what they say, and watching what they do, we become better, student by student.  Our work is grounded in respect and admiration for our young learners.  
  • Schools experience success when every person in the school community assumes the role of a learner...and then uses that learning to lead students, parents, and colleagues.  
  • Teachers need time, as all professionals do, for continued development, because doing right by all kids is a big job.
  • Schools deserve tools, support, and skilled guidance to develop a mission and vision that is grounded in a philosophy for teaching and learning.  Beliefs guide our intentions, our decisions, and our actions.  There should be no mystery as to what a school community believes.  
  • Workshop teaching works.  We believe workshop teaching is highly structured, student centered, and rigorous.  
  • The Common Core State Standards are an opportunity to stretch our thinking to ensure that we’re doing right by all kids.  This is not a small feat, nor are the ideas completely new.  We believe in helping our schools make sense of the standards, have school-wide conversations about implications for instruction, and find some joy in the process.  If we’re grumpy about the standards, how do we expect kids not to be?